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Linda Reagan says...

I am extremely pleased with Texas Cleaning Solutions. My husband and I are retired carpet, upholstery and oriental/area rug cleaners so I am a very hard person to please. I was impressed with this company because Cheryl and Harry do all of their own work which told me, that quality of service is of upmost importance.  I will admit that my 30 year old carpet was a challenge because of the long wait in cleaning and the age.  But, Cheryl, the professional, walked into my home and never blinked an eye at the condition. I was impressed with her confidence, knowledge and education in the cleaning process.   Purchasing the correct cleaning equipment and the education courses/training in this business is ongoing, and requires dedication, hard work and a passion for the craft.  That surprises most people, because carpet cleaning seems to get the short end of all the professions. But for the true carpet/floor/upholstery professional, it is their livelihood.   Owning their own business, is a 7/24 operation.  Cheryl and Harry’s heart is in their business and work.   Give them a try.  You will be happy!

31st August 2020  7:52 PM

Garrett Montgomery says...

I have used Texas Cleaning Solutions several times. They are prompt, on time, and very professional.  They can remove stains that have been set for years.   The time spent one my flooring was one of the best expenditures I've made on my home.  I will continue to use Cheryl everytime I need my floors cleaned.   

13th November 2017 6:54pm

Emily Chapa says...

Texas Cleaning Solutions did a fantastic job, we could not be more pleased. They were on time, efficient and my carpet looks brand new. I would  highly recommend them to friends and will definately use them again. 

23rd December 2015 4:10pm

Debra Pettit Realty Group 

Seems like everyone we visit with is preparing for the holidays. We often are asked for referrals for services...this is one we always LOVE to share. 

Cheryl & her Dad offer the best services around - and they are a pure delight. It's a good indication of great service when they are used time and time again - we have many friends that have used them for years. They can help you with carpets, tile and wood flooring - who knew?

Let us know if you are needing other services - would be pleased to share. 

Debra Pettit Realty Group


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October 25, 2015

Eloisa DeLoera says...

we had not had our carpet and tile done since 2012.  We chose Texas Cleaning Solutions again and they did not disappoint.  Our carpets were fresh and clean.  Tile and grout looked brand new.  Texas Cleaning Solutions did not disappoint.  I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a prompt professional job!

11th May 2015  8:55 PM

Mickey Mitchell says...
I would like to take the opportunity to say Texas Cleaning Solutions has done a fantastic job in cleaning our carpets, hardwood floors and tile. When the job was finished the carpet and floors were cleaner than when we moved in to the house 7 years ago!They were able to remove stains that other cleaning companies tried and couldn’t. Their staff was very courteous and professional. Always making sure opening outside doors were kept to a minimum to save the A/C. The carpet on our high traffic stairs was a mess and didn’t expect much. I can’t believe how well they were able to clean it. It looks new. All the carpet looks great. The tile in the bathrooms and the hardwood floors looks model perfect! I would highly recommend Texas Cleaning Solutions to anyone needing a professional deep cleaning of any carpet or hard surface.
18th January 2012 7:27pm

Beth and Jon Ivonen says...
When we purchased our home 6 years ago we decided not to go with a high quality carpet because of young children. We presumed that with traffic and spills it would not be worth it. Well we were right, traffic lanes were matted and discolored, and little kid spills were abundant. We decided to let Texas Cleaning Solutions give it a go on cleaning the carpet. To our surprise and relief the carpet looks like new. The traffic lanes and spills stains are gone. Their staff was professional, efficient and courteous. When the time comes, we will definitely call on Texas Cleaning Solutions again and I would recommend them to anyone looking to have professional floor cleaning in their home.
21st January 2012 5:49pm

Liz Schiemann says...
Amazing job! Texas Cleaning Solutions is absolutely the way to go. Instead of replacing carpet that looked worn out, it literally looks new. The professional job they did was so appreciated; for example, sealing the door with the Texas heat, placing plastic under the chairs, coffee tables, end tables, and moving furniture. Everything they did made it so nice when I returned home. I would recommend the carpet in the entire house be done by Texas Cleaning Solutions every year.
23rd January 2012 12:02pm

Eloisa DeLoera says...
Texas Cleaning Solutions recently cleaned our carpets and our tile. I was really surprised with the results. Since living in our house six years, we had not had our carpets or tile professionally cleaned. They were able to remove all the spots and the
carpet looked brand new. We also had Scotch Guard applied and since then, spills are a breeze to clean up (easily worth the extra fee). Our tile looked equally amazing! There were numerous stained areas in our grout, as the builder did not seal it when the
house was built. The grout looked like it did when we moved in. Texas Cleaning Solutions really performed as advertised!

23rd January, 2012 4:19pm

Kim Vogel says...
I wanted to freshen up the house before having guest (mother-in-law) during the holidays. My light colored carpet needed a deep cleaning after introducing a new puppy to the family. Texas Cleaning Solutions did the best job ever. Stains other big name cleaners had left behind were removed. My carpet looks great and the pricing was awesome. I will definately use them again.
26th January 2012 9:15pm

Teresa Gately says...
Absolutely amazing! We have builder grade carpet that is over 15 years old. ! The carpets in the house came out much cleaner than I ever thought possible (without replacing them). The carpet in our teenage son’s room was filthy from food and drink spills. When Texas Cleaning Solution was done, it looked like new. They did such a great job! I would highly recommend them!
28th May 2012 10:34am

Billy Wolfe says...
Had major pet smell challenge (country living) and Cheryl's team came out and did an incredible job.  I was mostly impressed with their knowledge and equipment.  These guys aren't playing around.  The biggest value was the time they took to do it right.  I've had the quick buck crew from others before and Cheryl's team was nothing like that at all.  Great service, equipment, attitude and price.  I highly recommend.
2nd June 2012 2:45pm

Harvey says...
Texas Cleaning Solutions came to our home and really made a huge difference in how our carpet looks & feels & smells. This is the best carpet cleaning experience we have ever had.  On time arrival - very detailed - excellent all around service. We will have them back out again very soon.
6th January 2013 8:05pm

Michelle Collins says...
True professionals! Quoted a very reasonable rate and stuck to it. I am very pleased with the service provided and I will be calling Texas Cleaning Solutions when I move into my new home in just a few weeks! I highly recommend Texas Cleaning Solutions!
30th July 2013 3:27pm

Mary Price says...
My 14 year old Dachshund contracted a bacterial infection which caused horrible "accidents" all over my apartment. I called Cheryl and she told me how to use their Spot Out on various type of fabric/carpet. It worked so well. I was amazed. It even removed a carpet stain that was there when I moved in. I'm extremely grateful and pleased because any stain in my carpet will come out of my deposit. Thanks guys!
25th August 2013 1:21pm

Julie Jensen says...
I just spoke to my in-laws and they were so pleased with your services yesterday and thanked me for referring you to them. I appreciate your wonderful work once again! Thanks!
13th September 2013 7:53pm

Kelly Bertschi says...
Texas Cleaning Solutions just cleaned my home's carpets. BEST service ever! Immed reply for my request for quote. Called 1 hour ahead. Showed up on time! Cheryl & her dad were sweet and professional! Totally trust them in my home! Great price! Outstanding service! Will never call anyone else! Skip the big chain cleaners. This is family owned, certified cleaners! You won't be disappointed! I plan on sending them lots of referrals! Kelly B.
28th May 2014 1:16pm


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